Technology and Employers: How to maintain a connection in a faceless employment world.

In this article, I will articulate how individuals seeking employment and the social media revolution are combining to inevitably become one force.  Employers are seeking individuals such as college graduates, experienced workers and individuals with large skill sets that are technologic literate in every aspect of their daily routines. With this, the use of technology and information and new media has created a whole new virtual world of finding employment in which both the candidate and employer must adapt to fit both their needs. Through the various internet platforms and my experience in Human Resource Management, I will use personal experiences on both ends of the spectrum to showcase how difficult it is to both find employment when all you have is an electronic resume and how to in turn, keep a personal client connection with potential candidates who fit the job description.

I will research how technology and information has blurred the personal connection between job seekers and perspective employers and how it could improve by taking particular steps to reach audiences at the information speed we see today, while bringing that personal connection back into focus.

I selected this topic because as a recent College graduate and current employee in a Human Resource department I am constantly online utilizing databases, recruiting programs, reference checkers and social media outlets to find potential candidates for current positions. However, I have found that through the use of the technology and applications used in my department that the personal connection and utilization of customer service has ceased to exist sincFindJobKeye information has become so readily available at the swipe of a screen.

Due to this decline in personalization, finding the best candidates for a position proves to be more difficult and job seekers have much more to prove that a resume in order to get the first interview.

Therefore, I present the question in the article I will develop and post on my webpage: is social media and technology information hurting candidates in the job seeking world?

To answer this question, I will use scholarly sources to ensure I am utilizing accurate information when articulating an article as the one I am presenting.

Karen Isaacson and Sarah Peacy (2012) of KPMG wrote an article on Human Resources and Social Media and the information individuals should know about “the opportunities and risks for your workforce.”

KPMG, an international organization that “delivers a globally consistent set of multidisciplinary serviceKPMG_RGBs based on deep industry knowledge” provides literature with practical tools and knowledge to help organizations develop and understanding of their clients.


By discussing industry issues today and identifying opportunities for businesses, KPMG has lengthy credibility on why their writers, Issacson and Peacy (2012) are credible sources to discuss a topic that aide’s organizations and departments like mine to utilize technology positively while maintaining that efficiency it is used best for.

The article, “Human Resources and Social Media” (2012) provides statistics such as “84 percent of job seekers have a Facebook profile, and 48 percent of them have done at least one job-hunting activity on Facebook in the past year” (3). While following are charts and tips for both Human Resource employers and job seeking candidates. This source will be useful when discussing the trials and tribulations of social media for a job seeker and on the opposing end, recruiter, but also provides solutions on how to improve that connection when there is information overload.

Finding jobs in the 21st Century

Another source I will use is The Huffington Post writer, Josh Tolan’s article “4 Ways Technology Is Changing the Job Search” (2013), which lists technological tools that find a better way for hiring managers and recruiters to connect with candidates on a personal level rather than perusing the internet for a resume.

Tolan (2013) is the CEO of Spark Hire, which is a video network that connects job seekers and potential employers through an online base that prides the same connection as a face to face interview would. This network gives Tolan (2013) the credibility in my article because he has the experience and background to discuss the virtual space between employers and candidates, yet provides solutions on how to better serve both parties in a technological atmosphere.





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