New media tools are a great way to send and retrieve information, save favorite reads, entertain yourself and friends, stay connected with your close circles and educate yourself on various topics.

Within the “new media tools” website published by the U.S Department of Health & Human Services, numerous new media tools are shown with descriptions of the tools and their functions. While I consider myself to be a tech savvy person, I admit I had not used many of the tools listed on the website.

I was familiar with social bookmarking, “a way to store, organize, and search websites so you can keep information in one place for future access, and share links of interest around a specific topic” ( Bookmarks create a quick and accessible way to retrieve my most commonly used applications and websites such as the reading list I utilize to save articles, websites and videos I use and enjoy.word press 2

I was interested in the Mash Ups new media tool. Again familiar with this topic I considered what a tool that “combines data from more than one source into a single tool or interface. This combination, or “mashup,” allows you to see a connection between two or more sources” ( could aid me as a technologic student and individual living in 2015.

The U.S Department of Health & Human Services claim using Mash Ups involves extensive knowledge of technology and it’s uses in terms of information accessibility. According to Nathan Chandler (2011) tools like Mash Ups relates to knowledge today and much like Kovach and Rosentiel (2010) discuss in our class readings, helps how to find clarity in an age of information overload.  By using Mash ups, one can interpret information into one single source rather than multiple ones, “allowing you to quickly and efficiently browse your many options” (Chandler, 2011).wordpress

I considered this accessibility of information like social bookmarking and tried the new media tool of Mash Ups by engaging in Pinterest, the ultimate Mash Up. Here, one can bookmark individually and save items to a virtual board/map. Providing pictures, ideas, projects, tips, videos and more, Pinterest provides direct links on how to access the content you want to access by one click on a picture/video you would like to explore further. Having multiple sources located on one website is convenient and entertaining for individuals that enjoy information at their fingertips.

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Pinterest as a Mash Up relates to all audiences that access the internet for information without having to click on separate tabs because all the information needed is in one place.

Mashups reaches audiences most effectively because it acts as a sifter through a multitude of sites and sources and combines it into one. Chandler (2011) expands on this tool by elaborating that there “are an awful lot of sites to explore at random, there are tons of mashups scattered across the Web, and it can be hard to figure out which ones might be useful.” Having Mash Ups as a new media tool does this and in an “age of information overload” (Kovach and Rosenstiel, 2010) minimizing our time behind a screen and maximizing our quality of life.


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